AOL Evolves Header Bidding, Solves Mobile Revenue Challenges for Publishers and App Developers with New Smart Yield

New solution maximises revenue by unifying first and third party auctions

AOL today announced the beta launch of Smart Yield, a mobile-first solution that solves the challenge of levelling the demand bidding playing field for mobile publishers. By creating a unified auction, Smart Yield provides advertisers with the inventory they want and mobile publishers and app developers with the opportunity to gain the highest possible yield for each impression.

Smart Yield brings the benefits of desktop-based header bidding in-app, allowing mobile publishers and app developers globally to bypass the traditional waterfall and get the full value of an app’s audience. Additionally, Smart Yield offers the first-ever server-to-server and client-side hybrid mobile header bidding solution, which eliminates the latency associated with multiple monetisation partners and improves consumer experience.

“According to the latest PwC/IAB expenditure report, mobile now accounts for over 50 per cent of the Australian display market. As this growth rate continues to rise, so too does the demand to bring the concept of header bidding to the mobile in-app experience,” said Alex Khan, Managing Director Asia & ANZ at AOL. “We believe that the launch of Smart Yield will allow mobile publishers in the region the ability to further leverage their valuable inventory and maximise yield.”

The emergence of header bidding has supported major revenue increases for desktop-based digital publishers. It dramatically improved the sequential bid process, allowing advertisers to compete directly in a unified auction before ad server calls, which has raised CPMs. AOL ran an analysis for publishers on its platform before implementation and after implementation of header bidding, and found a 53% increase in daily revenue for mobile web and desktop display. Smart Yield now brings these capabilities to mobile publishers. It flattens the traditional, sequential waterfall, allowing AOL demand partners to compete at the same time for the same inventory, and ultimately resulting in higher yield for publishers and app developers.

Additionally, Smart Yield delivers:

  • Unified Demand: Smart Yield is one of the first in-app mobile header solutions to provide a unified auction across first and third-party demand. Users will have access to a unified group of premium first-party advertisers, third-party demand sources, and AOL’s premium O&O brands.
  • Transparency: The Smart Yield solution provides a transparent marketplace for both sellers and buyers, providing visibility over the auction outcome. Additionally, publishers receive transparent reporting to highlight which demand sources are purchasing inventory and overall revenue lift.
  • Efficiency: Mobile-first publishers and app developers have typically had to work with dozens of monetisation partners to drive yield, while devoting hours to ordering partners in an already-broken waterfall. This demands engineering resources for integration, as well as untold additional capital. Smart Yield is a comprehensive solution that maximises yield with one easy-to-install integration, while eliminating the once onerous ordering process.
  • No Latency: More monetisation partners means more code added within an app. This significantly delays load times, negatively impacting the end-user experience. Smart Yield is the first-ever server-to-server and client-side hybrid header bidding solution for mobile publishers, eliminating growing latency concerns.

According to Bill Alena, Chief Revenue Officer of The Meet Group, owner of popular social apps, including MeetMe, one of the global publishers within the beta test group, "Header bidding puts control back into the hands of publishers and we're excited to join AOL's beta in bringing these capabilities in-app. As the digital ecosystem evolves, it's important for us to maintain a level of transparency and efficiency in order maximise yield and support our high standard of consumer experience. We've long been a partner of AOL and their mobile-first expertise and unique demand helps keep us on top."

“Whilst programmatic buyers have a range of tools at their disposal to find the right audience for them at the right time, publishers haven’t had access to a comparable tool to maximise the value of their audience – particularly across mobile,” added Khan. “It isn’t surprising that publishers have been frustrated in their efforts to leverage their inventory as they have had to spend valuable time optimising the traditional, sequential bid process. The launch of Smart Yield will change this and provide a real solution to disrupt the mobile status quo in Australia.”

Smart Yield is available in beta globally to interested mobile publishers and app developers using AOL’s programmatic mobile supply-side platform. ONE by AOL: Mobile is a part of ONE by AOL: Publishers – a complete solution built for mobile publishers, providing all the tools they need to be successful at monetising their inventory.

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