 Communications Industry Presents NBN Architecture Options

Draft Paper Released for Public Comment

Communications Alliance, the peak body for the Australian communications industry, today released a vision of the network architecture required to deliver a broad range of network, application and content services to end users in its paper, NBN Reference Architecture: High Level Architecture Options for the NBN.

The document is a key outcome of the Communications Alliance NBN Project and has been developed by its NBN Reference Model working group.  The NBN Reference Architecture paper defines:

  •  The end-to-end broadband network architecture framework;
  • A range of potential passive and active NBN wholesale interconnect scenarios; and
  • The relationship between the customer equipment and retail and wholesale service providers.

Communications Alliance welcomes feedback on the proposed options from all stakeholders including network operators and service providers, governments and regulators, user groups, and new applications providers such as utilities, health, education and entertainment industry players.  The public comment period closes at 5pm on Friday 6 November 2009.

Communications Alliance CEO Anne Hurley said the NBN Reference Architecture paper is intended to inform discussion and decision making on network architecture issues.

“This paper is the first of many outcomes from our NBN Project.  We hope it will inspire further discussion and debate about the optimal NBN architecture framework before critical decisions are made.  We expect it will also provide a starting point for further engagement with a wide range of stakeholders.

“The NBN Reference Model working group has been instrumental in the development of this paper and I would like to thank each of its members for their outstanding contribution and commitment to representing the industry’s combined views on these vital issues,” said Ms Hurley.

Following the three-week public comment period, the NBN Reference Model working group will consider all responses to NBN Reference Architecture, identify areas for further investigation, and develop a revised industry position. Responses to the paper will also be published on the Communications Alliance website.

The NBN Reference Architecture draft paper is available from the Communications Alliance website at: http://commsalliance.com.au/Documents/public-comment

The reference architecture for the NBN is a key input into all of Communications Alliance’s working groups.   The seven groups established under the Communications Alliance NBN Project in July 2009 are: NBN Reference Model, Wholesale Services, Early Stage Deployments, End User Premises, Operational, Technical, and End User Migration.

In November the Wholesale Services working group will release a discussion paper focused primarily on the Layer 2 Ethernet wholesale service definition.

About Communications Alliance

Communications Alliance is the peak body for the Australian communications industry.  It presents a unified voice for its members in public policy, facilitates industry solutions to industry issues, and provides up-to-date information on industry issues.  Communications Alliance is also leading the industry's response to the National Broadband Network implementation.  For further information see www.commsalliance.com.au