Major changes announced for Flossie Media Group

Flossie Media Group has made some significant changes to its business model announcing that from January 2010 it will no longer be offering display advertising.  Instead it will be shifting its focus to one-to-one communication including solus emails, newsletters, content syndication and integration into social media.  

The company will also be relocating its head office to Sydney in January 2010 to take advantage of the opportunities the Australia market offers the Flossie Group to scale.  The company will leave a satellite sales team in New Zealand, while campaign management and product development will be run from Australia.

According to Flossie Media Group CEO, Jenene Freer, the enormous changes in the advertising market since the company’s launch in July 208 have inspired the company to review its entire portfolio of products and the way it operates in the New Zealand and Australian market.

“Over the past 18 months we have successfully created a brand in New Zealand and Australia that connects women with content and women with advertisers on a mass scale.   Yet the market has changed shape dramatically and as a result it’s appropriate that review our operational model.

“We recognize the challenge for networks such as ours to sustain revenue from display advertising.  Without owning our ‘eyeballs’, it is difficult to negotiate the large scale deals that the portals are able to offer. However, without publishers, we cannot offer the reach agencies demand,” said Ms Freer.

“However demand remains very strong for direct response and the most popular measurement currency continues to be CTR so we will ‘deliver to the demand’ and from January 2010 we will no longer be offering display advertising as part of our service. Instead we’ll focus on solus emails, newsletters, content syndication and integration into social media.  

“Our publishers currently within the network are hugely supportive of our strategic change and we are working with them to make recommendations on the appropriate network partners to take on their display advertising ongoing.  It is imperative for us that the sales pipeline is managed well so that all clients are satisfied that we are able to honour forward bookings and proposals,” said Ms Freer.

According to Ms Freer the Flossie Media Group strength is delivering engaging one-on-one communication within the niche communities of our publishers.

“We’ve found that one to one communication is an exceptionally effective channel for our community with results improving six-fold for budget invested in display versus in newsletters,” said Ms Freer.  

Over the next few weeks Flossie Media Group will be meeting with key agencies to showcase the new newsletter and content network.