 Wunderman goes for QuickSites mobile Internet

MIA’s QuickSites Mobile Internet platform is deployed at leading global advertising agency, Wunderman to expand & expedite its mobile service offerings for clients

The original architect of response-driven marketing, Wunderman, has signed a deal with MIA International to deploy its QuickSites platform, enabling the leading advertising agency to build sophisticated mobile internet solutions in-house. With more than fifty years at the forefront of the advertising, branding and marketing industries worldwide, Wunderman has fully embraced the growing mobile medium both for itself and its extensive client list and QuickSites has allowed the agency to expand its mobile service offering.

Throughout its network of 120+ offices in 50+ countries and 15+ specialised companies, Wunderman represents some of the world’s best known brands such as Coca Cola, Microsoft, Ford and Nokia. It is part of Young & Rubicam Brandsand WPP – who are both leaders in advertising, marketing and branding.

Mobile already plays a key role in Wunderman’s digital communications strategies for its clients and prior to deploying QuickSites the agency would outsource this development work to specialist mobile companies with the necessary skills to build and deploy mobile solutions, which could be time consuming and expensive.

With QuickSites, Wunderman’s in-house team is now able to build and publish mobile sites that have sophisticated and proven technology that engages the consumer in a conversation with its clients’ brands. Wunderman is anticipating an amazing increase in the demand from clients to incorporate mobile into their marketing strategies.

Other leading Australian media brands and digital advertising agencies already using QuickSites to deploy mobile internet solutions include New Dialogue, Hothouse, Juice Media, Orange Toast, Sensis Mediasmart, Publicis, Myne, and Ogilivy.

According to Richard Mergler, MIA’s CEO, signing up a major agency like Wunderman to supply QuickSites confirms his predictions that this is the major growth year for mobile internet.

“Mobile internet provides a unique and cost effective way to interact directly with consumers and as brands increasingly shy away from old media, we expect to see major demand from advertisers wanting to use mobile sites to market their offerings via mobile devices,” said Richard Mergler.

MIA’s QuickSites enables organisations and agencies to build mobile sites and market their products and services via the mobile phone. MIA’s QuickSites was launched in October 2008 and is built upon proven technology using MIA’s Media Village Platform that has seen the successful design and deployment of over 1700 services, many for large mobile carriers across the globe.

QuickSites enables anyone to quickly design and develop mobile sites using simple tools to deliver sophisticated functionality from existing design, creative and copy from traditional and online marketing campaigns.


About MIA

MIA sets the global standard for mobile platform technology and innovation. It is a provider of proven technology that enables the successful delivery of mobile assets to all devices, across any network in any format. MIA technology delivers a superior customer experience and increased revenue to mobile site operators.

MIA has been delivering mobile internet solutions for over five years, with over 800 live sites operating across the globe. MIA works with all leading carriers in Australia and enjoys longstanding customer partnerships.