 NBN Co says industry engagement is key

NBN Co today named industry engagement as one of its key responsibilities at the Communications Alliance Industry Connection Forum in Brisbane.

In his address to the Forum, Mike Quigley, Executive Chair of NBN Co Limited, outlined the Company’s key objectives, responsibilities and scope, and said:

“The National Broadband Network is a large, complex engineering project.  As a start up, our initial priorities have been setting up the Company and hiring key executives. We are about to enter the next phase which is product design and network architecture.

“NBN Co’s role is to realise the Federal Government’s vision for the NBN.  To do this successfully, we need to consult widely with the communications industry and other stakeholders to ensure our plans for the network meet the current and future needs of our wholesale customers,” Mr Quigley continued.

“We look forward to collaborating with Communications Alliance on its NBN Project and encourage the communications industry to contribute to this work. We will also be interacting with other industry bodies.”

According to Anne Hurley, Communications Alliance CEO, the Forum provided the ideal opportunity for the industry to welcome NBN Co as a member, gain an understanding of its early priorities, and present initial outcomes of three project teams.

“Today’s Forum presented a terrific opportunity for the wider industry to meet Mike Quigley and learn about the initial steps our new member, NBN Co, is taking towards the rollout of Australia’s largest-ever infrastructure project.

“The industry was particularly impressed by Mike’s commitment to collaborating with industry, including by participating in the Communications Alliance NBN Works Program which has made outstanding progress since it was launched just two months ago.  We look forward to NBN Co’s contribution to this work and to an open and transparent dialogue on critical NBN issues,” Ms Hurley commented.

In October, Communications Alliance will release draft discussion papers on the NBN Reference Model and Wholesale Services for public comment.  An Early Stage Deployment discussion paper is expected to be published in November. 

The Brisbane Forum kicked off the third series of Communications Alliance NBN Industry Connection Forums.  The Forum will convene in Melbourne on Thursday 17 September and in Sydney on Wednesday 23 September. 

About Communications Alliance

Communications Alliance is the peak body for the Australian communications industry.  It presents a unified voice for its members in public policy, facilitates industry solutions to industry issues, and provides up-to-date information on industry issues.  Communications Alliance is also leading the industry's response to the National Broadband Network implementation.  For further information see www.commsalliance.com.au