 2009 Telco Reform Package National Focus Forums – hosted by ATUG and Primus

ATUG and Primus Telecom have joined forces to broaden the understanding of the new Telecommunications reform package.

As a result of the NBN and proposed restructuring of telecommunications in Australia, Australian businesses will have opportunities to manage more efficiently, develop new applications, attract new customers, offer better service & widen their markets.

ATUG and its members have been long term advocates of the kind of changes Government is set to deliver following the announcement of the Telecommunications Reform Package announced on September 15 2009.

The reform package is radical and immensely positive for business and the whole end user

community. The changes represent the return on 30 years of advocacy by ATUG.

ATUG and Primus are encouraging Australian businesses to come to one of the forums to find out just how this package will deliver stronger competition in telecommunications and benefit businesses

Rosemary Sinclair, ATUG’s MD said “These policy decisions mean end users can look forward to a communications future with high speed, ubiquitous broadband, better value, much greater choice and better, more innovative services.”

“Every Australian and every Australian business is affected every day by communications. Decisions taken over coming months to implement the reforms and the new network must continue to focus on the long-term interests of end users. We want business to be part of these major policy decisions.”

Primus CEO Ravi Bhatia said, ” Primus Telecom fully supports these changes and are delighted to be supporting ATUG in this important  series of Focus Forums on the future telco sector reform.”

ATUG represents the companies and government and community organisations that will do the transforming work needed once the National Broadband network is in place to create new jobs, to lift Australia’s productivity and to grow the economy with innovations made possible by the new network and new market structure.

Primus Telecom is a large organisation with a national fibre backbone connecting every

capital city in mainland Australia. With a total suite of products & services, Primus Telecom delivers on the needs of Australian business.



Forum details are at www.atug.com.au