Primus launches tailored Unified Communications cloud solution for business incorporating video telephony

Accella reduces Operating Costs & Provides Flexibility for Businesses of all Sizes

Primus Telecom today officially launched Accella, its cloud-based Unified Communications (UC) suite for business, which incorporates video telephony.  Designed to deliver business-grade voice, video and converged communications, which can be scaled to suit businesses of all sizes, Accella brings new levels of integration, functionality and potential cost savings to Primus’ customers.

Primus Accella provides enterprise level phone services delivered to its customers across Primus’ national high speed broadband network. The Accella range includes a Hosted IP phone system and SIP Trunk products that can offer cost savings and efficiencies to businesses of all sizes through moving to Voice over IP technology and SIP trunks.

The Accella Hosted Phone System is an advanced cloud-based business communications product that delivers all the features of a PABX without the need for heavy capital investment. The Accella Hosted Phone System product offers a suite of unified communication features designed specifically to improve business efficiency, including high-quality business-to-business video calling. In addition, Accella’s browser based toolbar allows users to perform their own additions, moves and changes without the need for expensive phone system maintenance contracts or technician visits.

The second part of the range, Accella SIP Trunks, delivers flexible voice network access services over IP networks, providing convergence, flexibility and potential cost savings. Accella SIP Trunks allow businesses that have a PABX installed to use business grade VoIP outside the enterprise network. SIP trunks are virtual phone lines, where instead of multiple copper wires; the voice is converted to IP packets and transmitted using the virtual lines between your phone or phone system and the Primus Accella carrier-grade switches.

“Accella provides the next generation of business phone services to Australian businesses and the feedback from our customers is fantastic,” said Ravi Bhatia, CEO, Primus Telecom.  “We have approximately 5,000 Accella seats already in use across a number of different sized businesses as part of our early adopter program and these businesses are impressed with state of the art features and functions, increased flexibility, ease of use and of course cost savings.”

Primus Accella is a cloud based soft-switch platform that removes the need for large capital outlay often found with traditional systems because the “intelligence” of the phone system is hosted in Primus’ cloud.  Primus customers have the ability to add handsets and features as they require and are no longer encumbered by the limitations of their legacy physical hardware.  Each Accella solution can be custom designed to suit the customer’s specific needs.

“With the ability to scale as your business grows, Accella is perfect for businesses in Australia with our robust and rapidly growing economy.  ” said Ravi Bhatia.

Major sports retailer, The Rebel Group (Rebel Sport, Amart Allsports and Glue Store) is one such business who adopted Primus Accella to reduce its communications costs and improve flexibility for its 150+ retail stores.

“Our disparate, aging telephone systems caused us a lot of headaches thanks to their costly maintenance and complex management and there was a lot of downtime,” said Mats Elversson, Application Service Manager IT, Rebel Group Limited.

Primus was able to deliver a simplified telephony solution by implementing the Accella product suite. In doing so Rebel significantly reduced installation costs to add new stores to their national communications infrastructure. As a result Rebel Sports was able to implement a standardised Unified Communications platform across their business which improved Rebel’s communications.

Future proof telephone communications was also important to another leading Australian organisation, Bauxite Resources. With their organisation growing rapidly Bauxite Resources found they were limited by their incumbent telephone solution. 

“Our existing phone system setup really couldn’t handle our ever changing needs. With our business growing rapidly and numerous projects on the go, we needed to be able to add more handsets and phone lines in a very small window of time,” said Phil Hodgson, Business Improvement and System Analyst. “Basically we needed a phone system solution that was more flexible and capable of expanding rapidly without breaking the budget.”

By adopting Primus’ Accella product suite, Bauxite Resources was able to achieve a new level of flexibility. The Accella Hosted Phone System solution meant new handsets could be added quickly and seamlessly. Primus’ Accella SIP allowed them to add new sites easily and also incorporate them seamlessly into their Accella Hosted Phone System solution.

Primus Accella includes several features that are often regarded as advanced features by other providers.  They include:

  • Call history, which is available to users immediately
  • ‘click to dial’ from the web feature
  • Notification on computer screen about incoming calls with full contact and data integration
  • Toolbar feature that integrates into popular email and communication systems
  • Auto attendant Integrated Voice Recording (IVR)
  • A remote office feature, which brings your office communications to you, catering for telecommuters and can be administered from anywhere in the world
  • Simultaneous ring feature, where the customer can nominate mobile, home and alternate phone numbers where they can be reached.
  • Five Way Calling as standard.

Additional features not often found on traditional phone systems can also be provided such as:

  • High quality business-to-business video calls
  • Receptionist feature, which can stretch enterprise wide with more flexibility than traditional phone systems
  • Call centre features and functionality
  • Thirty way calling

“Additional features like video telephony can be provided as part of the Accella solution and they can help businesses to become more efficient and change business processes to provide users with an all-important competitive advantage,” concluded Ravi Bhatia.


About Primus Telecom

Primus Telecom is one of Australia’s largest  telecommunications carriers offering a comprehensive range of high speed broadband, data, Internet, web hosting and voice products, servicing both business and residential sectors.  The Primus network provides nationwide coverage through its own backbone network with facilities in 66 cities and 286 DSLAM exchanges across Australia.  .  Primus operates its own fibre network in the five major capital cities, delivering a range of business direct-connect services including IP, Ethernet, ATM, ISDN,   high speed broadband, data centre and inbound as well as outbound voice services .

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