MIA works with Telstra to develop the T-Hub®

MIA Incorporates Publishing Manager to enable rapid changes to content on the new device

Australian mobile solutions provider, MIA International today revealed that it has provided a publishing solution to deliver a customised version of the BigPond® portal for Telstra’s T-Hub®; Australia’s first device that combines a traditional home phone with advanced mobile phone-type applications.  This is the first home phone device project for MIA and marks the company’s strategic move towards developing solutions for all personal devices, not just mobile phones.

MIA has leveraged its previous work for Telstra in building the BigPond Portal on Telstra’s mobile handsets and applied that to deliver a similar internet portal experience on the T-Hub. The internet portal is one of the most popular icons on Telstra’s T-Hub, and delivers easy access to both a range of optimised content sites, together with access to a wide range of web sites.

In addition, MIA has developed an Astrology application specifically designed for the T-Hub, which allows users to look up what’s in store for their particular star-sign on the touch screen device.

In order to quickly change and update the Internet portal on the T-Hub, Telstra has implemented MIA’s Media Village Platform Publishing Manager. This tool enables Telstra to create and manage its Internet portal content. MIA’s publishing tool has been provided to Telstra as a "Software as a Service" product.

Telstra Executive Director, Products, Craig Turner, said: “The T-Hub is a new generation home phone that works like a mobile phone by combining the features of telephony, information and entertainment.  MIA’s publishing tool has enabled Telstra to deliver and manage key applications such as the Internet portal and 3rd Party websites.”

“The T-Hub is designed to give users quick access to a wide range of information, while enabling them to perform many mobile phone-type applications on their home phone. We are delighted to be working with Telstra on software and applications for its T-Hub next generation home phone and online device and we look forward to developing more applications for it in the near future,” said Jon Mooney, Chief Operating Officer, MIA International.

In addition to traditional home phone features, the T-Hub also includes a large, 18cm touch-screen enabling users to make and receive calls, send text messages to mobile numbers on the Telstra, Vodafone and 3 networks and most Australian fixed numbers, receive voicemail messages, as well as view lists of recent incoming and outgoing calls.

The T-Hub is also an organiser for family activities and includes a calendar, notes for family members, lists of important contact numbers and addresses and an alarm clock. It acts as an entertainment hub enabling the family to play music and videos, listen to Internet radio, catch up with people on social networking sites and it can even be used as a digital photo frame.

T-Hub and Big Pond are registered trademarks of Telstra Corporation Limited ABN 33 051 775 556


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T-HubJon Mooney, Chief Operating Officer, MIA International