Communications Alliance publishes NBN pit and pipe specification for greenfield developments

Communications Alliance today published its Fibre Ready Pit and Pipe Specification for Real Estate Development Projects (G645:2011) to provide greater certainty to developers and the communications industry on fibre requirements for rolling out  the National Broadband Network (NBN), particularly in greenfield developments.

Communications Alliance CEO, John Stanton, said the publication is an important part of the industry’s work to enable the rollout of the NBN.

“The Specification has been designed to ensure the rollout of new fibre infrastructure in greenfield development sites is both consistent and in line with industry best practice,” Mr Stanton said.

Phil Smith, General Manager of Opticomm and Chair of the Greenfields Working Committee that developed the Specification, said the publication is a good outcome for industry, real estate developers and consumers.

“The document delivers certainty for stakeholders in greenfield developments,” Mr Smith said.  “Now everyone can get on with their business of connecting up new property developments with confidence.”

The document is designed to complement amendments to the Telecommunications Act 1997 and arising from the Telecommunications Legislation Amendment (Fibre Deployment) Bill 2011 by:

- Outlining the minimum industry requirement for telecommunications pit and pipe installation for it to be considered a ‘fibre-ready facility’; and

- Describing recommended processes for the design and installation of pit and pipe facilities for use in the deployment of ‘optical fibre lines’.

The Greenfields Working Committee included representatives of NBN Co, Opticomm, Telstra and TransACT, and the Specification incorporates input from representatives of the development and housing industries as well as a number of equipment manufacturers.

G645:2011 is available for download at no charge from the Communications Alliance website –



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