Brocade facilitates IPv6 Internet transformation with cloud-optimised application delivery solution

Enables Seamless Adoption of IPv6, Doubles the Performance of Brocade ServerIron ADX Application Delivery Switches, and Optimises Application Visibility Control at No Added Cost

Brocade (Nasdaq: BRCD) today announced software release version 12.3 for the Brocade® ServerIron® ADX Series of application delivery switches, which enables these platforms to act as a seamless gateway between existing IPv4 networks and modern ones built on IPv6. This gateway functionality enables Brocade customers to adopt IPv6 technology pragmatically and support both IPv4 and IPv6 environments simultaneously, offering them a seamless and non-disruptive migration path.

The 12.3 software release also delivers investment protection and unmatched simplicity, two of the key customer imperatives of the Brocade One™ strategy—enabling customers to double the performance of their Brocade ServerIron ADX platforms through a simple software upgrade.

According to research firm IDC, the current version of IPv4 has reached it scalability limits due to the exponential proliferation of networked devices such as smartphones, mobile tablets, laptops and Smart Sensors. This growth has resulted in the emergence of new IPv6-only devices requiring IT organizations to simultaneously operate dual-protocol networks and limit the disruption of technology migrations. In addition, recent government mandates have expedited the need for dual-protocol networks as worldwide governmental agencies have made public statements not only endorsing IPv6, but also mandating that equipment be IPv6-ready.

“We’ve finally hit a critical point where general IPv4 addresses are exhausted, but we’ll continue to live in a dual-protocol IPv4 and IPv6 world for the foreseeable future,” said Zeus Kerravala, senior vice president and distinguished research fellow, Yankee Group. “This means the ability to deliver simultaneous IPv6 to IPv4 translation at the application delivery layer will be a critical ingredient to the success of service providers and enterprises worldwide operating in a dual-protocol environment.”

IPv6 technology offers a more robust suite of characteristics and dramatically increases the pool of global IP addresses while simplifying network administration, resolving security and mobility issues and improving Quality of Service (QoS). These benefits help Brocade customers take advantage of emerging IT initiatives such as cloud computing through high-performance, highly scalable and secure IP networks.

Unlike router-based IPv6 Layer 3 solutions that only offer basic IP address translation services, the Brocade ServerIron ADX enables a dual-protocol network through a simplified, yet feature-rich, standards-based IPv4-to-IPv6 translation technology designed to help customers systematically adopt IPv6 capabilities without the costly process of replacing their existing IPv4 application infrastructure. Moreover, customers with IPv6-only capable clients can now connect to the existing IPv4 resources, providing organizations the ability to service to a new population of IPv6-only based clients.

The addition of millions of new Internet-ready devices has also caused a tremendous surge in bandwidth globally. According to traffic patterns at the world’s largest Internet Exchange Points, bandwidth consumption is doubling approximately every 18 months. Rather than requiring a costly rip-and-replace process to increase network performance, Brocade has taken an innovative software-optimisation approach to double the performance of key application delivery metrics on existing ServerIron ADX application delivery switches to provide an industry-leading three million HTTP connections per second. This immediately provides existing customers massive performance capacity and efficiency without incurring additional expenditures or a loss in productivity.

“The Brocade ServerIron ADX application delivery switch is at the heart of our commercial offering as it assures availability to our clients,” said Ryan McCarry, managing director at UK-based hosting company, Sleek Networks. “It enables us to provide a managed service with associated financial margins, rather than simply reselling hardware, so our clients benefit from using high-performance technology at a much lower cost. The ServerIron ADX platform has improved the uptake of new business and ultimately contributed towards increasing our revenue and customer satisfaction.”

To further improve application visibility and gain greater control over application delivery, Brocade has also expanded the capabilities of the Brocade Application Resource Broker and enabled simplified third-party integration through an application programming interface (API). This approach provides a simplified and more manageable network infrastructure with added capabilities to improve application optimization. The Brocade ServerIron ADX coupled with Brocade Application Resource Broker helps bridge traditional communication gaps between fragmented networking and application infrastructures, creating a more streamlined approach to application deployment and business efficiency.

“Adoption of new Internet-enabled devices is outpacing the residual capacity of IPv4 addresses, while at the same time the explosive growth in traffic requires far more scalability than today’s application delivery solutions offer,” said Jason Nolet, vice president, Enterprise and Data Center Products, Brocade. “Our new software enhancements to the Brocade ServerIron ADX application delivery switches provide organisations with greater choice to seamlessly adopt IPv6 while effectively doubling the performance of their existing ServerIron ADX switches immediately and at no cost. This provides a scalable, high-performance application delivery solution that increases business agility and operational efficiency, especially in today’s highly virtualised and emerging cloud-based environments.”

Pricing and Availability

The Brocade ServerIron ADX software release version 12.3, including enhancements to the Brocade Application Resource Broker version 1.5, will be generally available in March 2011. Version 12.3.1 will become generally available in May 2011. This is a no-cost software upgrade for customers with valid service contracts.

As the growing usage of on-demand applications and cloud computing are driving the need for business partners to focus on the delivery of solutions and services within virtualized environments, the Brocade family of application delivery products presents a unique value proposition for channel partners. All products are available through dedicated Brocade partners.


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