Dimension Data Learning Solutions rebrands to DDLS

New look and identity reflects company’s evolution

Dimension Data Learning Solutions will now officially be known as DDLS following a refresh of its corporate brand.   The change, which was announced today, has been made to reflect the company’s expanded portfolio and positioning as a full learning solutions provider. 

Michelle Dowling, Marketing Manager for DDLS, explains the background to the rebranding.

“Over recent years we have significantly extended the range of training that DDLS can offer, evolving from technology training to also address process and people as well.  It was important that our new role as a more inclusive learning solutions provider was reflected in our brand identity,” she said. 

“The new look is fresh, dynamic and in keeping with our evolved position as a tech-savvy, people focused learning provider,” she added.

Officially renaming the company DDLS was also a natural development.

“We still remain very much part of the Dimension Data family but DDLS is the name most people use for us, so it made sense to use it ourselves,” she said.

The new DDLS logo includes a circular graphic comprising three separate pieces that represent the company’s key areas of focus: technology, process and people.

The modernised logo and other brand expressions are aligned with the brand refresh announced by Dimension Data. The new, brighter green projects a more energetic image, paired with a softer more rounded font to reflect a more approachable, people-centric organisation.

Steve Nola, CEO of Dimension Data Australia explains that the DDLS brand refresh fits closely Dimension Data’s new brand.

“DDLS is an exciting company that offers training across a vast range of disciplines.  As with Dimension Data, it was time to modernise our look. The new design reflects the Group’s focus on its goals of being open, approachable and client-centric,” he said.

“People are at the heart of everything we do – from our employees to our clients. We wanted to ensure the visual expression of our brand aligned to this sentiment.”

The new DDLS logo

About DDLS

DDLS is Australia’s largest IT training provider with 20 years experience providing high quality training to professionals; with training facilities in Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Perth and Canberra DDLS have become the trusted name in Australian education. DDLS offer Australia's most comprehensive public schedule of training courses focussed on the key areas of Technology, Process and People. DDLS have highly qualified, cross vendor-certified instructors with technical expertise, proficiency and extensive hands-on experience. DDLS has a proven ability to assist organisations wanting to understand new technologies and apply best practice. For more information visit www.ddls.com.au