Customers, media, analysts descend on Brocade headquarters to attend Brocade Technology Day Summit

Brocade Hosts Annual Event at Its State-of-the-Art Campus to Share Advancements in Cloud-Optimised Networking

Brocade (Nasdaq: BRCD), the leader in fabric-based data centre architectures with over 15 years of experience in building mission-critical networks for the most demanding IT environments in the world, will play host this week to customers and press as well as financial and industry analysts at the 10th annual Brocade Technology Day Summit. The event will be held at the new Brocade San Jose-based campus and data centre, which was recently awarded by Uptime Institute 2011 Green Enterprise IT for data centre design, consolidation and energy efficiency.

The company will use the event as the launch venue for several cloud-optimised networking advancements spanning multiple customer segments. This comprehensive portfolio of Brocade® products and open-architecture solutions is designed to help customers migrate smoothly to private, public and hybrid cloud models.

“We are providing more proof points for our Brocade One™ strategy, which helps our customers reduce network complexity and support new and distributed applications. Technology Day allows us to demonstrate how our innovations provide new levels of uptime through an open, multivendor architecture that protects existing and new IT investments,” said John McHugh, Chief Marketing Officer, Brocade. “Our solutions available today support the IT transformation required to embrace any and all cloud architectures.”

Fibre Channel continues to be the predominant information storage architecture for virtualised data centres and the growth of information storage has been unparalleled over the past ten years. Brocade today announced it is first to market with a comprehensive family of 16 gigabits per second (Gbps) Fibre Channel offerings that set new standards for performance, scalability and data centre efficiency. These offerings include the Brocade DCX® 8510 Backbone, the Brocade 6510 Switch, the Brocade 1860 Fabric Adapter and the Brocade Fabric OS® 7.0 operating system. Also included are new administrative and scalability enhancements to Brocade Network Advisor, which unifies storage, data and wireless network management in a single platform.

Brocade also announced the next evolution in public cloud infrastructures that will allow service providers to leverage transformative Internet technologies and data centre networks to deliver a broad set of new revenue-generating cloud services such as software-, infrastructure- and platform-as-a-service. Specific announcements include significant software advancements to the entire family of Brocade “IPv6-ready” Internet core, metro and edge routers; new carrier-grade 10 Gigabit Ethernet (GbE) and 100 GbE modules designed to deliver massive scalability for public cloud networks; and the new Brocade 6910 Ethernet Access Switch, which delivers advanced Ethernet services closer to customer premises.

Brocade Technology Day will also feature an elite series of customer speakers, including Brocade VDX™ 6720 Switch customers de Persgroep and Phoenix NAP; Brocade MLXe Core Router customer FleetCor; and Brocade DCX Backbone customers AOL and University of Alabama at Birmingham. These customers will share their best practices and detail how Brocade and its partners have helped create the ideal foundation for highly virtualised data centres and cloud-optimised networks.

Lodging for all Brocade Technology Day Summit attendees will be provided at the newly opened Hotel Sierra, adjacent to the Brocade campus. Hotel Sierra utilises an end-to-end storage, Ethernet and wireless networking solution from Brocade.

“Customers continue to trust their networks to Brocade as they move to highly virtualised environments and cloud models,” said Zeus Kerravala, Senior Vice President of Global Enterprise and Consumer Research at Yankee Group. “Brocade offers a comprehensive networking portfolio that is purpose-built for virtualisation and clouds, leveraging proven technologies such as Fibre Channel and emerging technologies such as standards-based Ethernet fabrics.”

Brocade has a long history of working on interoperability between multiple vendors as a result of building high-performance, non-stop storage fabric networks. In order to achieve similar capabilities across all networks, Brocade is one of the first vendors to support the OpenFlow and OpenStack initiatives. As Brocade continues to develop best practices and specific technologies that are related to open integration and standards, it will contribute that knowledge to the standards bodies to help streamline innovation and improve the ability to deploy private, public and hybrid cloud architectures.

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