Nicole: Aussie mum with strongest brand pulling power

Millward Brown’s Cebra index highlights the popularity of our celebrity mothers.

Nicole Kidman and Rebecca Gibney lead the list of Australia’s most powerful celebrity mums, in the celebrity + brand (Cebra) index.

The findings come from a survey of 2,000 Australians by Millward Brown, the global leader in brand, media and communications research. The study provides an accurate measure of which celebrities are suited to various types of product endorsements.

The Cebra research goes beyond simple measures of familiarity with celebrities, to understand measures of affinity (how well they are liked) and media attention (how much they are talked about online and offline). An overall Cebra score is produced, indicating to the celebrity’s attractiveness to marketers.

 “This is a list of mothers who could most influence buyer-behaviour,” says Hannah McHard, Account Director, Millward Brown Australia. “Nicole Kidman tops the list because she is seen as clever and sensible; she has been through a lot and her strength of character is something that many mothers would identify with.”

Nicole, who has two children to husband Keith Urban, was the highest ranking mum in the index, but with a Cebra score of 65% she only just pipped Rebecca Gibney and Olivia Newton John (both 63%) to the top position.

The Top 10 Most Powerful Celebrity Mums by Cebra score are:

  1. Nicole Kidman
  2. Rebecca Gibney
  3. Olivia Newton John
  4. Dannii Minogue
  5. Elle MacPherson
  6. Kerri Anne Kennerly
  7. Natalie Bassingthwaighte
  8. Julie Goodwin
  9. Rachel Griffiths
  10. Sarah Murdoch

New mum Jackie O falls just outside the top 10 (at number 13), despite being considered as a negative role model to many. Jackie O ranked in the top 10 list of negative role models in the Cebra index of all celebrities (not just mothers), alongside the likes of Matthew Newton, Kyle Sandilands and Lleyton Hewitt. As Hannah explains, “a celebrity can be seen as a negative role model but, because they are being talked about, can still be a powerful endorsement for certain types of product.”

The research has added strength when combined with Millward Brown’s brand analysis. The combined research can help marketers identify brand and celebrity partnerships with the greatest sales potential.


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