Firefly brings people power to the Cannes Lion Advertising Awards

But does the Aussie public know how to pick a winner?

Each year at the Cannes Lion Awards the advertising industry judges its own craft, but what does the average Australian think?

In the absence of a people's choice category, Qualitative research agency Firefly Millward Brown talked to typical Australians to get their unbiased perspectives on what makes a great advertisement and which of the Australian ads they’d pick to win at Cannes.

Of the eight Australian ads being showcased at Cannes Lion, Firefly Millward Brown’s research found that Carlton Dry (Skeet Shooter) and Guide Dogs Australia (Support Scent) tied for first place pick with Australian consumers. Canon Photochains, M&Ms and V Australia were runners up.

Taking their inspiration from the Archibald Awards, staff at both Firefly Millward Brown and Millward Brown also chose their own favourite for their ‘packers prize’, picking the Guide Dogs Australia ad.

The Cannes Lion Critics Choice will be announced in France on June 21st. It'll be interesting to see whether the Aussie public knows how to pick a winner amongst the Australian ads.

"Hopefully it’s not a surprise but it might come as a reality check to some in the industry that the public want a little respect," said Firefly Millward Brown’s Pamela Ingall, Director, Australia.

“The findings showed that people don't like to be shouted at, don't want to be treated like idiots and want ads that capture the imagination. Respondents also said the ads need to have a point or make them think about the brand.”

Ingall is quick to add that even if advertisers meet some of the requirements of making a point, capturing imagination and not shouting, it's still no guarantee of a great campaign.

"A shouting ad might create immediate sales", she says "but it will devalue a brand in the long term. That's why the creative approach is so important. People need to like the ad and like the brand - it's the combination that creates a winning proposition."


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