Integrated interaction now rolling on Joost brand platform

Adconion Media Group’s brand marketing platform, Joost™ has introduced the iRoll® interactive pre-roll unit from Innovid to its product portfolio, offering brands a powerful way to integrate and combine numerous digital assets and applications for online campaigns.

The Joost digital distribution platform will utilise iRoll to deliver on campaigns where brands want to leverage multiple assets through their in-stream video advertising, as Peter Davies, Managing Director of Adconion Media Group explains;

”We can package everything in a way that looks and feels like a microsite but is delivered through the most engaging ad format online, a pre-roll video unit. This means brands can utilise integrated features to encourage consumers to stay on the publisher’s site and combine these with social applications such as Youtube and Twitter, which drives both brand metrics and earned media metrics.”

The iRoll product can be custom built with a large array of intelligent and highly engaging features available for integration.  Mapping, photo galleries, promotional, ticketing, polls and quizzes, sweepstakes and even augmented reality are just some of the ready built options. 

“The applications and range of features available for campaign integration is impressive and they are designed to support specific product and brand profiles. There is no one size fits all, so the requirements of FMCG, automotive, entertainment and other major verticals are all catered for within the available applications,” said Zvika Netter, CEO & Co-Founder, Innovid.

The first iRoll powered campaign for MEC Sydney has already been put to market by the team at Joost for MEC Sydney, where the team has been impressed with the level of innovation delivered by the new offering.



About Joost

Joost is Adconion Media Group’s brand marketing Digital Distribution Platform (DDP).   It leverages its exclusive publisher partnerships to deliver brand campaigns, including premium display, in-banner video and in-stream video, across its exclusive publisher partners, Adconion Media Group’s own proprietary video portal, mobile devices and gaming consoles to reach in excess of 7.3 million Australians per month.

The Joost DDP is the only digital platform that competes naturally and effectively with traditional broadcast networks.

Adconion Media Group is the world’s largest independent content distribution and monetisation platform, reaching nearly 325 million unique users – or one-quarter of the total global Internet population every month. 



About Innovid

Innovid developed the groundbreaking iRoll, which embeds interactive elements in pre-roll video ads making them dynamic and engaging without forcing audiences away from the page. Innovid’s proprietary technology provides a seamless integration between videos, embedded images and interactive features, empowering today’s marketers to engage their audiences more deeply than ever before. iRoll is the only interactive pre-roll unit with the scale necessary to elevate campaigns to the next level. With integrations across all the top premium publishers and across almost all the top networks, iRoll can provide unprecedented scale not available anywhere else. Beyond ad integration and serving, the company solution includes a back-end analytics dashboard to measure and track engagement. (