Adconion Media Group partners with VidZone

Becoming the exclusive global sales force to one of the largest dedicated music video streaming applications in the world

Adconion Media Group (, one of the largest independent global audience and video content networks and VidZone, an ad-funded music video streaming service, jointly announced today a strategic partnership in which Adconion will be the exclusive sales force for one of the largest dedicated music video streaming applications in the world. Exclusive to Adconion Media Group, Adconion will offer premium advertising opportunities on VidZone’s service at unprecedented scale in 18 countries and in seven different languages.

Offered to market through Joost, Adconion’s digital distribution platform dedicated to building brands online, advertisers and brand marketers will effectively access millions of highly engaged consumers worldwide who view VidZone’s 40,000 plus on-demand music videos, concerts and exclusives, and who play over 110 branded TV channels and playlists.

Available only on Sony’s PlayStation®3 (PS3™), one of the world’s leading gaming consoles, VidZone has had over 4 million application downloads since its launch in 2009, and receives two million visits to the service every month. Spending more than 30 minutes per session twice a week, the majority of VidZone customers actively view the content through a TV in the living room with friends and partners. 

In addition to delivering access to premium audience, Joost will also offer advertisers and brand marketers VidZone’s quality, brand-safe entertainment inventory coupled with sophisticated audience targeting capabilities, world-class technology for real-time reporting and greater monetization and optimization efficiencies that Joost can provide at scale.

“This is yet another great example of Adconion’s commitment to innovative and forward-thinking ways to offer the best opportunities for our advertisers and content partners,” said Peter Davies, Managing Director of Adconion Media Group. “Our approach effectively delivers relevant audience and inventory to our partners and combined with them a suite of creative products we enable them to connect and build their brands on today’s hottest connected devices on a global scale.”

“This comprehensive and long-term partnership with Adconion now provides the opportunity to scale the VidZone service across millions of additional Sony’s PlayStation®3 (PS3™) consoles. We are very optimistic about the future through this exclusive partnership with Adconion” said Adrian Workman, CEO of VidZone Digital Media.

VidZone Digital Media was founded in November 2001 as a leading digital technology and content distribution company. In 2008 VidZoneDigital Media and Sony Computer Entertainment Europe (SCEE), a wholly-owned subsidiary of Sony specializing in a variety of areas in the video game industry, jointly produced a music streaming application available to consumers on PS3. In 2009, the VidZone application was launched. With distribution agreements with Universal Music, Sony Music, EMI and more than 7,500 independent record labels, VidZonehas one of the largest music video libraries in the world.


About VidZone Digital Media

VidZone Digital Media operates an ad-funded music video streaming service called VidZone via Sony’s PlayStation 3 console.  VidZone offers over 40,000 music videos to view and is available on Sony’s PlayStation®3 (PS3™), in 18 countries and in seven languages.  The company provides a diverse selection of music videos, live concerts and interviews from major record labels and thousands of independent labels globally.

About Adconion Media Group

Adconion Media Group ( is one of the largest independent global audience, video and content networks, reaching over 325 million unique users – or one-quarter of the total global Internet population – every month. 

Adconion Media Group opened its doors in Australia in 2007 and has quickly established its position as one of the fastest growing converged digital media organisations in the country, capable of connecting advertisers, brands, publishers and content owners with the right audience at the right time, through the best possible channel for an optimum, measurable result.

Adconion has 16 offices in eight countries around the world, is a member of the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and is a founding member of IASH Europe.