Megaport Continues to Revolutionise Australia’s On-Demand Networking By Launching its Megaportal Network-As-A-Service Portal

Self-Service Portal Empowers Carrier and Enterprise Networking Customers with Web and Mobile Access for iPhone TM and Android TM Devices

Megaport, the leading independent provider of interconnection services, today officially launched Australia’s first network-as-a-service customer portal Megaportal, to revolutionise the way businesses connect. The self-service portal is designed to give enterprise customers and carriers the complete power to create and manage on-demand elastic connections to Megaport’s cloud and service provider partners for as short as a day and as long as a year, in real-time and without the need for any human intervention.
 “For some time now compute and storage has been available on a per-day and month basis, but there has not been similar access to networking services. Basically enterprises and carriers have only had the choice of long term lock-in contracts with rigid terms and capacity constraints. Megaportal changes this forever,” said Bevan Slattery, Chief Executive Officer of Megaport.

Megaport has built its Elastic Connectivity Platform from the ground up to let participants create on-demand Direct Connections or Virtual X-Connections (VXC’s) between each other.  Since its launch in July last year over 100 providers and enterprises have signed up including Amazon Web Services, M2 and iiNet.  

“Now our customers can instantaneously dial up a direct connection as small as 100Mbps and up to 10,000Mbps between Megaport and another participant for as little as $20 for a single day.  Our customers can do this from anywhere in the world on almost any device and without any human interaction.  This is the power of Megaportal when combined with Megaport’s fully automated Elastic Connectivity Platform,” said Slattery.
At the heart of Megaportal is a secure RESTful API server that supports web, mobile and business clients. This enables Megaport to deliver on its channel program in Australia by packaging up the portal so that partners can resell it as a service to their customers as their own branded service. This gives partners the ability to seamlessly integrate their systems using familiar, well supported tools and technologies from Megaport.
Megaportal is available today via a web browser for all Megaport customers and the mobile application will soon be available via app stores for AndroidTM and iPhoneTM mobile devices. 
Since its Australian launch in July last year by Internet visionary Bevan Slattery, Megaport has also outlined its plans for Asian expansion and the license for a dark fibre network in Singapore.
About Megaport
Founded in Australia in July 2013 by industry visionary Bevan Slattery, Megaport is an exciting new entrant into Asia Pacific’s telecommunications market, aiming to become a leading provider of independent network interconnection services across the region. With over 100 connected cloud providers, enterprises and network service providers in Australia, Megaport improves connectivity by providing scalable and flexible connectivity options in an on-demand environment. For more information visit: