Sizmek Announces New ‘Device Intelligence’ to Power Mobile and other Cookieless Environments

Advanced analytics super-charges mobile campaigns

Sizmek (NASDAQ: SZMK) announced Sizmek Device Intelligence, an advanced analytics feature that will enable a more accurate way to uniquely identify and target digital advertising on smartphones and tablets, as well as desktop environments where 3rd party cookies are becoming less available. Advertisers and brands will benefit from vastly improved unique audience measurement, attribution, targeting and frequency capping across all formats - especially for mobile where these capabilities have been severely limited.

Device Intelligence will utilise device recognition provider Adtruth, which offers a probabilistic technology to analyse hundreds of parameters to uniquely identify a user’s device. Combined with the Sizmek MDX platform, this will enable advertisers and brands better capabilities when engaging in mobile campaigns or other cookieless environments.

When 3rd party cookies are enabled or permitted by a consumer or a device, Device Intelligence will combine Sizmek cookies with the device recognition technology. By blending the existing Sizmek 3rd party cookies with AdTruth device recognition, the resulting tracking is expected to yield results between 10-25% more accurate than 3rd party cookies alone.

The initial version of Device Intelligence will be focused on improving tracking on individual devices. Over time, Sizmek plans to expand the solution to cover cross-device analytics capabilities. Data sources for Device Intelligence will also be expanded beyond AdTruth to include other potential sources and techniques that further enhance accuracy levels of device recognition. Sizmek’s goal is to provide a neutral, open solution that respects consumer privacy and is not limited to any one media company’s proprietary ID.

“Advertisers are hungry for more reliable ways to track performance of their digital advertising investments in the face of declining effectiveness of 3rd party cookies and the rapid growth of mobile devices. Device Intelligence represents Sizmek’s vision to address these needs, and most importantly it offers a way forward that is not dependent solely on the assets of any large media seller,” said Andrew Bloom, SVP of strategic business development, at Sizmek.

Device Intelligence will give customers far more accuracy on their uniques, frequency and conversion metrics – particularly for mobile audiences. It also will improve visibility for attribution: allowing customers to see discrete touch point events along a user’s path to conversion – across mobile apps and mobile browsing sessions; a view that has been traditionally difficult to reconstruct on cookie-unfriendly mobile environments.

"The combination of our robust device recognition technology and Sizmek’s comprehensive analytics creates tremendous value for media agencies, advertisers and publishers," said Surag Patel, Vice President, Product Management for AdTruth. "They will now be able to holistically recognise their entire audience on any device, anywhere in the world, and benefit from unparalleled campaign management and analytics."

Device Intelligence is expected to be available in beta form in Q2 2014 for advertisers and agencies using the Sizmek MDX platform. Device Intelligence works seamlessly with Sizmek’s industry leading rich media, video and mobile ad delivery platform.

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