Tribal Fusion launches new campaign optimisation technology to 'power up’ display advertising campaigns

Exponential-owned performance display provider unveils Audience Efficient Real-time Optimisation (AERO). New technology applies transparent behavioral audience modeling directly to ad decisioning for the first time; increases campaign performance by an average of 24 percent

Tribal Fusion (, the Exponential-owned performance display-advertising provider, today announced the debut of an innovative new campaign optimisation algorithm to transform the performance of online campaigns.

For the first time, Audience-Efficient Real-time Optimisation (AERO) applies transparent behavioral audience models directly to campaign optimisation in real time, all the time. The technology incorporates the behavioural lift, or ‘audience efficiency’, of every user impression to determine which impression is best suited for each campaign. Tests using the new technology indicated that AERO can increase campaign performance by an average of 24 percent. It will be introduced in Australia and New Zealand with immediate effect.

The new technology uses the proprietary interest-based audience dataset and transparent audience modeling technology housed in Exponential’s e-X Advertising Intelligence Platform. E-X identifies the unique performance lift of 50,000 different user interests and intentions against any campaign. AERO applies that information in real time to expose campaigns to the users most likely to convert, improve the relevance of campaigns for users, and minimise media waste for advertisers.

Doug Conely, chief strategy officer at Exponential, said: “We are using our strongest assets –best-in-class audience modeling and proprietary behavioural data – to meet the advertiser’s most crucial demands: campaign optimisation and superior performance.”

“Having complete transparency about how our audience profiling and modeling works has given advertisers a level of trust they cannot find in ‘black-box’ technologies for behavioural advertising. We’re now bringing the effectiveness and transparency of our platform directly to bear on the way we optimise campaigns in real time.

Conely added that the new technology also helps eliminate wasted online display media spend by enabling campaigns to be optimised from the very start.

“Most traditional optimisation processes rely solely on machine learning to improve display campaigns as they progress. Large amounts of data are needed over time to recognise statistically significant patterns and make better decisions. As a result of that learning phase, campaigns are exposed unnecessarily to users, creating discomfort and annoyance among consumers and budgetary waste for advertisers. However, AERO enables each campaign to own a specific, transparent interest-based audience model from the outset —before the learning phase begins. This eliminates potential waste and enables immediate optimised performance by optimising the degree to which campaigns are exposed to users that are likely to convert.

Australia, New Zealand & South Africa General Manager, Ben Maudsley noted “Online display advertising continues to represent a huge, growing opportunity for brands and advertisers in Australia and New Zealand. With AERO, we can help deliver on the promise of optimised, efficient display campaigns that not only impact conversions, but also awareness and consideration. As first to market with this game-changing optimisation tool we look forward to demonstrating its capabilities to leading brands across the region.”


About Tribal Fusion

Tribal Fusion is a global performance display advertising provider. We enable advertisers to model, target and optimise online campaigns against our unique, interest-based audiences, which are built to deliver display advertising performance.

Powered by page-level contextualisation and transparent audience modeling, our Audience-Efficient Real-time Optimisation (AERO) technology drives awareness, consideration, and intent.

Tribal Fusion is a division of Exponential, which offers solutions in 22 countries worldwide and reaches more than 450 million unique users every month.

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