Tech start up Buttonwood Cloud Exchange launches to disrupt cloud services consumption and management for the enterprise

Australian tech industry veteran Allan King launches Buttonwood Cloud Exchange out of stealth mode and into public availability

Australian technology start-up, Buttonwood has officially released its Buttonwood Cloud Exchange for public availability. Designed to deliver operational consistency, financial transparency and freedom of choice with no vendor lock-in, the Buttonwood Cloud Exchange is Australian innovation with the capability to revolutionise how the enterprise approaches the purchase, consumption and management of cloud services.

“We are passionate about simplifying cloud and giving organisations the freedom of informed choice to realise the true benefits of hybrid cloud without unnecessary cost or complexity,” said Allan King, Managing Director, Buttonwood.

“The Buttonwood Cloud Exchange is a true management broker. It integrates seamlessly with an organisation’s existing technology investments to help secure consumption and simplify management of public and private cloud services,” said King.

CIOs and IT departments are finding it more and more difficult to effectively manage a growing number of cloud services and providers. Challenges like vendor lock-in, managing disparate cloud services alongside on-premises legacy infrastructure and operational change associated with a move to the cloud makes it harder for an enterprise to evolve its model to a multi-provider, hybrid cloud strategy that would be capable of maximising cloud value. 

The Buttonwood Cloud Exchange was built for the cloud to provide unified access to and visibility of cloud services. With the Buttonwood Cloud Exchange, organisations will be able to use and secure multiple Software as a Service (SaaS) applications plus model and deploy multi-cloud Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) workloads, from a single pane of glass using simple, intuitive dashboards. Its design considers the financial, process and compliance requirements of the enterprise and facilitates organisational consistency, allowing for cost centre management, forecasting, budget delegation, reporting and user access management within the one system. 

Vendor agnostic, the Buttonwood Cloud Exchange enables the buying and selling of IaaS cloud services. It includes an intelligent decision engine that helps broker workloads based on desired service level objectives and cost. To avoid vendor lock-in, workload portability is possible across cloud providers. This can result in potential cost savings of greater than 30 per cent.

“We worked with professional and financial services organisations, federal departments and corporate entities to develop our offering through their eyes.  What we have built answers real-world challenges and enterprise-level financial and compliance requirements. It’s exciting to bring the Buttonwood Cloud Exchange to market, and gratifying to see many of our beta participants interested in continuing on as customers,” said King.

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About Buttonwood Cloud Exchange
Buttonwood is an Australian start-up with a vision to build and secure cloud services without cost or complexity. The Buttonwood Cloud Exchange is a SaaS product designed to deliver choice, governance and control of enterprise cloud services. The Buttonwood Cloud Exchange is a Cloud Management Broker that provides unified access and visibility of cloud services to help: 1) Manage and secure cloud applications (SaaS) from a single pane of glass; and 2) Model and deploy multi-cloud workloads (IaaS) without vendor lock-in. Underpinning both services is a governance model that offers financia l transparency and control.