MyNetFone Revolutionises Business Telephony Pricing Model

VoiceLink business plan delivers unlimited phone lines for $49/month

MyNetFone, Australia's leading provider of hosted voice and data communications services, today announces the introduction of VoiceLink, a revolutionary business phone plan that delivers unlimited lines for a flat fee of $49 per month.

VoiceLink is the first significant departure from the traditional ‘line-centered’ telephony model. A replacement for ISDN and multiple landlines, VoiceLink connects a business’ existing PBX via SIP trunking instead of traditional lines - making it much more scalable and cost effective. The cost savings for a business can be significant.

“VoiceLink combines the freedom to scale with the certainty of a low monthly fee. Imagine replacing an ISDN 30 costing over $1,000 per month, with a $49 VoiceLink. Now imagine the cost savings of replacing five ISDN 30s with just one VoiceLink!” said MyNetFone CEO and Co-Founder Rene Sugo. “It’s the smarter, leaner and more effective way to run a telephone system within a business.”

The VoiceLink service is ideally suited to businesses and enterprises that receive a high volume of inbound calls, and for seasonal or promotional business whose incoming call volume fluctuates. It provides flexible line capacity to meet changing demand without any extra line charges. The business just pays for any outgoing calls they make, phone number ranges, and a data tail with sufficient bandwidth to carry the VoiceLink SIP Trunking call traffic.

When switching to VoiceLink, businesses can retain existing phone numbers, handsets and staff extensions. The added benefit is unprecedented scalability at a significantly reduced and predictable monthly cost.

“MyNetFone has a proven track record of disrupting the Australian telecoms industry by introducing innovative services: plug & play VoIP, Virtual PBX and a Number Porting Tool. Now, VoiceLink turns the traditional market pricing model for business phone line rental on its head,” Sugo explains.

Despite the dominant use of email in business communications, phones remain a critical channel for customer service in Australia. Forrester Research[i] report 73 percent of customers have used the phone as a customer service channel. Phones are the most popular form of customer assistance with 61 percent of consumers preferring the phone, compared to email (60 percent), live chat (57 percent), online knowledge base (51 percent), and ‘click-to-call’ support automation (34 percent), according to a LivePerson report[ii].

While phones and phone lines are still a core part of business, traditional pricing models are not. In the Internet age, MyNetFone proves there is no need to be tied to old paradigms dictated by traditional telcos – who continue to cash in on their traditional networks.


About MyNetFone

MyNetFone is Australia’s largest provider of hosted voice and data communications services for business, enterprise and residential users. The brand’s parent company, MyNetFone Group Limited (ASX:MNF) owns and operates carrier-grade network infrastructure, delivering robust IP voice services in Australia, New Zealand and across the globe. The Group’s global voice networks carrier 5. 8 Billion minutes of voice per annum and provides wholesale carrier services to the Australian and international communications industry.

MyNetFone was founded in 2004 and listed on the ASX in mid 2006. It has a reputation for quality, value and innovation, having won numerous awards including the Forbes Asia’s 200 Best Under a Billion (2014), Deloitte Technology Fast 50 (2008, 2009, 2010, 2012, 2013), PC User Product of the Year (2005), Money Magazine Product of the Year (2007) and many others.

MyNetFone Group of companies includes retail brands MyNetFone, Connexus, CallStream, PennyTel and The Buzz; and wholesale brands TNZI, Symbio Networks, iBoss and TollShield.

For further information about the MyNetFone please visit:

[i] Forrester: Channel Management: Core to Your Customer Service Strategy

[ii] LivePerson: Connecting with Customers Report