MNF Group opens Hong Kong Point of Presence

PoP expands capacity, introduces new services and delivers global network ring for international customers

MNF Group today announced the significant expansion of its global TNZI operation by successfully opening a new Point of Presence (PoP) facility in Hong Kong. The new PoP makes TNZI a carrier of choice for European and US telcos seeking to expand in the fast-growing Asia Pacific market.

“The Hong Kong PoP completes MNF Group’s global network ring and will ensure we are well placed to grow our business in the lucrative Asian region,” said Rene Sugo, CEO of MNF Group.

“Several of the largest global telecommunication corporations are already set to take advantage of the Group’s Hong Kong PoP facility, including PCCW Global, SoftBank Corp, M800 and NTT Communications. Operators will also benefit from more interconnect options, increased diversity within the core network and new traffic route options that will drive call quality and cost efficiency,” Sugo added.

Emerging new-generation call providers in the region will also benefit from MNF Group’s vast array of specialised voice capabilities, enabling them to deliver additional features and value for their end-users.

“MNF Group aims for TNZI to become the ‘go to’ carrier for those providers who are looking to innovate in the voice communications space. Our investment in this new Hong Kong PoP will allow us to compete more effectively for a larger share of the enormous Asian market and ensure our global voice network is able to carry the growing volume of traffic on direct routes between Asia, Europe, the Americas and ANZ,” Mr Sugo said.

The launch of the Hong Kong PoP facility follows TNZI being granted the Services-Based Operator Licence for provision of external telecommunications services (ETS) by the Office of the Communications Authority in Hong Kong. Prior steps in building the global network ring included the upgrade of MNF Group’s London and Los Angeles PoPs.

Business Outlook and Guidance

MNF Group is re-iterating its earlier guidance from October 2016, where it is targeting organic EBITDA growth in the current financial year of 25% to $22.3m and NPAT growth of 22% to $11.0m. The company is on track with these budget estimates and will provide further updates in February 2017 with the half year result.


About MNF Group Limited

MNF Group Limited (ASX:MNF) is one of Asia-Pacific’s fastest growing technology companies. Listed on the ASX since 2006, it is now capitalised at around $300M, and twice winner of the Forbes Asia-Pacific “Best under a Billion” award. Headquartered in Sydney, Australia, the company has over 250 people located across Asia-Pacific, Europe and North America. MNF develops and operates a global communications network and software suite enabling some of the world’s leading innovators to deliver new-generation communications solutions.

As the world moves to IP, MNF Group is building the brands, services, network and technology to lead the way.

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