Symbio Networks provides new ISP entrant MyRepublic VoIP connectivity

  • MyRepublic using Symbio wholesale call termination services
  • Symbio API for automated and fast number porting

Symbio Networks, a recognised industry leader in IP Voice communications and part of the MNF Group (ASX:MNF), has today announced their partnership with market challenger MyRepublic as the internet service provider (ISP) brings the competition to open up the Australian market. Backed by Symbio wholesale call termination services MyRepublic will be delivering VoIP over the nbnTM and ADSL  to end-users, and will use Symbio’s application programming interface (API) for automated and fast number porting.

MyRepublic is a Singapore-based ISP founded in 2011 to maximise the full potential of the National Broadband Networks across the region by providing super-fast broadband plans. Launching in New Zealand in 2014, it is now looking to bring Australian customers the best internet speed, innovation and localised customer service.

MyRepublic will leverage Symbio’s smart networks for its voice offering and local call termination services (CTS) delivered via SIP Trunks on the Symbio network. A data centre cross connect will also enable a direct link between MyRepublic and Symbio’s network enabling voice traffic to travel on a direct link instead of via the public internet. The benefits will ensure service quality and security.

By utilising Symbio’s API back-end functionality, MyRepublic will also be able to deliver additional functionality in the online portals to allow customers to order new or port existing numbers, whilst also automating the backend processes to minimise overheads and provisioning times.

“Symbio call termination services together with the number porting and ordering API will enable MyRepublic to deliver high quality voice services to their customers, and do so more efficiently. Combined with their nbnTM and ADSL offerings, this allows MyRepublic to deliver a complete home telecommunications solution,” Symbio CEO Rene Sugo said.

“Symbio’s API for ordering and porting numbers empowers MyRepublic to provide voice services with high automation, thereby allowing them to minimise overheads whilst keeping pace with the fast customer base growth they are known for,” continued Mr Sugo.

“We are thrilled to be working with Symbio as we expand into the Australian market,” said MyRepublic’s Vice President of Engineering & Operations Kevin Harshaw.

“As telecommunications infrastructure increasingly moves into the cloud, providers with smart networks that can deliver increased automation and flexibility via APIs will gain an edge over the more traditional networks,” added Mr Harshaw.

The Symbio Voice network is a scalable, high-capacity backbone for global customer service. Its recently expanded interconnected network covers 100 percent of Australia and New Zealand through global interconnects and supports extended (off network) coverage around the world. Its carrier-grade infrastructure already underpins major Asia-Pacific call centres - delivering billions of voice minutes per annum.


About MyRepublic

Purpose-built for the fastest Next Generation National Broadband Network, internet service provider MyRepublic has redefined the standard of fibre broadband services in Singapore and the region for over 150,000 customers leveraging a thin operator model and innovative go-to-market approaches. MyRepublic continues to disrupt the APAC telco industry with its bold vision and user-focused product innovation. The company’s latest ground-breaking 1Gbps offering in Singapore and New Zealand promises a new era of accessible, ultra-fast connectivity and cloud-powered customised networking solutions to the benefit of consumers and businesses alike.

About Symbio Wholesale

Symbio operates a smart, API-driven national communications networks and delivers wholesale carriage and managed services to the telecommunications industry, providing network operators proven IP communications solutions and the ability to scale and evolve to make the most of this fast-growing market. Services include call termination and origination, number porting and hosting, hosted SIP end-points, SIP Trunks and MVNO. Symbio also delivers wholesale aggregation and OSS/BSS enablement via its feature-rich iBoss platform.

Symbio was incorporated in 2002 and as of 2012 is a wholly owned subsidiary of the MNF Group (ASX:MNF).

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