TollShield Toll Fraud Mitigation Platform Now Interoperable With BroadSoft

TollShield, the world leading toll fraud mitigation platform, today announced that it has successfully completed interoperability testing with BroadSoft’s VoIP application platform BroadWorks.

TollShield is software as a service (SaaS) real-time toll fraud mitigation platform. This interoperability will enable BroadWorks clients to implement TollShield to protect their networks from toll fraud.

“BroadSoft is committed to enabling the seamless interoperability and integration of BroadSoft’s Unified Communications services with products and solutions such as TollShield’s toll fraud mitigation platform,” said Mark Baker, director, business development, BroadSoft. “Service providers can now apply TollShield’s real-time toll fraud protection to their BroadWorks network to deliver more secure VoIP solutions to businesses and consumers globally.”

Toll fraud is costing the global telecommunications industry billions every year and there’s only a few ways to prevent or reduce it. It occurs when hackers hijack phone networks to make unsolicited phone calls to expensive high-toll numbers, usually international. These fraudulent calls amass huge expenses and leave either the network operator or their customers to cover the cost. In 2015, it is estimated to have cost the telecommunications industry US$38.1 billion (Communication Fraud Control Association 2015 report).

What sets TollShield apart is its ability to detect and block fraud in real time. The standard approach on the market is to identify toll fraud after the fact, when toll fraud has already been committed and expenses incurred. Whereas TollShield monitors the network night and day, and when suspicious behavior is detected, the smart algorithm will isolate and block the breach in minutes.

TollShield adds an optional additional layer of protection for BroadWorks users, and some savvy customers have already begun using it to defend their network. The software is quick to deploy, low-touch and scalable for networks of any size. Once applied, network operators can focus on their business, knowing their network is protected around the clock from toll fraud.

Further information about TollShield is available at or meet the TollShield team at International Telecoms Week 2016, Chicago on booth #1540.

About TollShield®

Purpose built to be a carrier-grade technology, the Symbio TollShield® platform is uniquely designed to enable toll fraud monitoring, detection and blocking of outbound calls in real time: a first for any carrier-grade fraud mitigation software.

TollShield® is available through TNZI and Symbio Networks globally.