UnLtd announces $8.7m industry contribution to social impact ~ an increase of 34% year on year

UnLtd has announced a record $8.7 million total industry contribution to social impact in FY17 as part of its annual results, released today.

The total value of funds, services, inventory and time donated by the media, marketing and creative sectors increased by 34% from the previous financial year thanks to an increased number of corporate partners, introduction of new events as well as deepened engagement with core Social Impact Partners.

CEO Paul Fisher commented: “At UnLtd, we believe that our industry and its people have the potential to use their financial and cultural influence to create great social change. We also believe that every young person has something to offer and that their opportunities should be unlimited. This year’s results are a testament to what can be achieved when our industry works together to create the social change needed.”

UnLtd thanked the industry partners, sponsors and individuals who contributed funds, services, time and inventory to reach this incredible social impact tally.

“To those 41 companies and the countless individuals who have contributed in the past year, we say unlimited thanks. Thanks for believing in our industry’s unlimited potential to change young lives, and thanks for your role in helping us support Australian youth charities doing vital work.

“To date, UnLtd has generated over $35 million in value and our aim is to make that $100 million by 2021. We look forward to welcoming more Social Impact Partners on board in this financial year and encourage anyone in the industry to get in touch to find out how they can make a difference in young lives,” said Fisher.

Highlights from the FY17 industry social impact report included:

  • 41 companies donated funds, services, inventory and time to help 26 charities helping children and young people at risk;
  • Total value generated reached $8.7 million, an increase of 34% year-on-year;
  • Media inventory donated was up by 46% year-on-year;
  • In-kind goods and services such as video production, creative assets, materials and Community Service Announcements increased by 253% year-on-year; and
  • 38 fundraising events were held.

Highlights of the value generated by industry for UnLtd charity partners include:

  • Thanks to the media smarts and hard work of our Social Impact Partners OMD and Bauer, The National Pyjama Day by The Pyjama Foundation has grown from a local community initiative to a national fundraising event with revenue generated up by 150% in two years. In 2017 the event raised $250,000, funding 250 new ‘Pyjama Angels’ helping children in foster care through their Love of Learning program;
  • Network Ten contributed a whopping $1.4M in cash and value to 10 UnLtd charities in FY17 thanks to the tireless efforts of the TEN Gives Committee and all the network’s employees – showing one company can make a big difference;
  • 14 senior executives spent a night in jail to raise funds and awareness of Whitelion. Over $30,000 was raised helping Whitelion provide intensive case management and outreach homelessness support for young people who are currently sleeping rough;
  • Be Centre, a play therapy centre that helps children heal from trauma, has been rebranded with the support of GroupM;
  • Thanks to 26 media execs sweating it out on the cricket field, $30,000 was raised for Backtrack, helping them train young people in rural communities experiencing a hard time with essential carpentry skills whilst also building a mobile office, and to run a school holiday program to those who have nowhere to go, giving many of them a chance to see the sea for the first time;
  • Over 300 MFA NGENers dodged some balls and raised funds at the annual Dodgeball tournament resulting in $30,000 raised for Hear For You, supporting deaf and hard-of-hearing young people. The donations allow Hear For You run 17 workshops giving 100 deaf or hard of hearing teenagers an opportunity to ward off social isolation and move towards becoming more engaged and focused on achieving their personal life potential.

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About UnLtd

UnLtd is a social purpose organisation connecting the media, marketing and creative industries with charities helping children and young people at risk. Find out more at http://unltd.org.au/

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