Australia’s Leading Social Justice Law Firm Maurice Blackburn Leverages MaritzCX Employee Experience Suite to Drive Employee Inclusion and Engagement

Leading customer and employee experience management technology company MaritzCX today announced that Australia’s leading social justice law firm, Maurice Blackburn has deployed its new Employee Experience Suite to help drive employee inclusion and engagement, and ultimately, boost operational performance.
According to Maurice Blackburn’s HR Data Analyst Tanya Siggins, the company engaged MaritzCX’s technology to help discover more about their 1,000+ employees across 31 offices to use the data to drive meaningful change within the organisation and identify areas to focus on for targeted recruitment and pre-recruitment activities.
Siggins noted, “Maurice Blackburn aims to understand every employee’s experience but prior to deploying MaritzCX technology we had limited flexibility and agility when it came to our data – it was siloed in different databases and disconnected from our customer data and insights. We now have the ability to capture data from all our employee surveys and can find out the impact we have on our employees’ lives as well as the impact they have on our customers lives and legal outcomes.” She continued, “We’ve gained the visibility to respond to employee concerns and proactively amend employee process and systems.”
For Maurice Blackburn, a key driver of value has been the ability of MaritzCX’s advanced Text Analytics Capabilities to transform unstructured free-form employee comments into actionable insights which has driven several new initiatives. Feedback from employees led Maurice Blackburn to change the physical presentation of its Melbourne HQ to include more visual representation of its diverse staff, a design shift that has extended to corporate collateral like infographics and presentation graphics, as well as a change to the type of employee events and activities to ensure they celebrate a wide range of diverse activities.
“MaritzCX’s technological platform has naturally enabled us to quantify the make-up of our workforce when it comes to finding out the percentage of indigenous employees, employees with a disability, LGBTQ employees, which is useful for targeted recruitment purposes. However, we wanted to go beyond ensuring we have an inclusive and diverse workforce and make sure that all of our employees feel that they can bring their whole self to work and feel supported and valued – and this is where MaritzCX Text Analytics capabilities have really changed our game.”
The qualitative and quantitative data collected has also allowed the company to examine the way that it manages some of its existing programmes. For example, Maurice Blackburn already has a family violence policy in place and offers a range of supportive tools to help someone who is either directly or whose family is involved in a situation.  However, they discovered that whilst a low double-digit number of their staff have been affected, the overwhelming majority had chosen not to notify the firm, and those that had chosen to do did not feel they received all the support required. This has led to a change in the way the policy is communicated and promoted internally.
The company has also benchmarked its survey data against the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS) to ensure their workforce is reflective of the wider Australian demographic that Maurice Blackburn serves.
As Siggins notes, “We want our clients to have the ability to come into our offices and see a lawyer who reflects their personal history; it might not be their specific lawyer but it’s important for us and their own comfort levels to see evidence of someone they can relate to. This is particularly important to us as we work in social justice and generally those Australians who miss out are people outside of the mainstream – we want to eliminate as many barriers as possible to encourage them to reach out to us and MaritzCX’s technology is helping us discover how best to do this.”
The company is now planning to link its employee data with its customer data to find out the impact different variables have on client outcomes. Further, it will be applying the insights to overhaul its onboarding and exit programme activity in the coming months.
David Blakers, MaritzCX Managing Director ANZ, added, “Forward thinking companies like Maurice Blackburn are part of a growing number of Australian businesses who understand that engaged employees are the best customer ambassadors and are a critical part of the customer experience journey. Maurice Blackburn have discovered the power of employee feedback data to drive real change for both customers and employees which will ultimately lift operational performance and hard performance metrics.”

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