Data Exchange Network begins shipping telecommunications modules for innovative colocation data centres

Customers to benefit from rapid provisioning of Cloud services in next generation ‘Cross Connect Modules’

Data Exchange Network Limited (ASX: DXN), Australia’s first truly modular data centre operator offering colocation services, has shipped its globally innovative Cross-Connection modules to its colocation data centre in Sydney.

The company’s unique telco modules known as ‘Cross connect rooms’ will give customers the ability to link to data communications carriers, Cloud service providers and between the colocation centres in Sydney and Melbourne. Managed communications services available within the data centres will enable customers to dial-up bandwidth between Sydney and Melbourne and into the points-of-presence of all the major cloud service providers and global telecommunications companies.

DXN’s ‘Cross connect modules’ are designed and manufactured at its Perth factory. Pre-fabrication enables pre-provisioning of fibre to every rack from day-one and soft-provisioning allows customers to have instant access to the Internet and any Cloud service in Australia from the minute they move in.

“Communication services are the arteries that feed the heart of any data centre. DXN intends to be the leader in the provision of clever connectivity solutions within its data centres and the most advanced provider of communications-driven data centre services, and cross-connectivity in Australia,” said Peter Christie, CEO and co-founder of Data Exchange Networks. He continued, “Data Exchange is striving to simplify the on-boarding challenge by making it fast and simple for a customer to take up space in a rack and connect to any Cloud or carrier they choose. We call it a Cloud-ready data centre and it will revolutionise the way customers consume rack space.”

DXN’s modular approach to data centres means the build and setup of their data centres is much quicker to construct. Traditional data centres usually take around two and a half years to bring online, whereas modular ones can be up and running in months. DXN aims to deploy DC’s quickly and offer customers the fastest provisioning and best user experience of any colocation data centre operator in Australia.

In addition to its Sydney and Melbourne data centres, DXN is developing a pipeline of data centres in Australia and Asia throughout 2019/20.


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About Data Exchange

Data Exchange (DXN) designs, builds, owns and operates data centres. Offering integrated, customised and tailored solutions to clients, DXN provides businesses with the option of delivering solutions to site through containerised modules, or space in DXN’s modular colocation facilities to suit technical specifications and operational requirements. From a single rack in the colocation facilities through to fully customised Edge Infrastructure, DXN can deliver a range of solutions to meet modern data centre requirements.

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