MaritzCX Rolls Out Major Platform Updates to Its 1.7 Million Enterprise Users

Growing list of APAC Clients to Benefit from New Capabilities

To help clients achieve high-value return on their customer experience (CX) programs, leading CX management technology company MaritzCX has unveiled a range of enhancements to its platform and service suites. These new capabilities provide large enterprises enhanced ways to improve customer experience and boost the bottom line.

According to MaritzCX’s APAC Managing Director David Blakers, the new features will significantly improve the ability of CX teams to uncover actionable insights across key customer journeys and increase staff engagement to drive improved results.

“All of the new platform updates are a result of extensive client research, designed to enable CX teams to ignite systemic CX improvement initiatives that deliver measurable results. We know from working with many of Asia Pacific’s leading brands that an increasing number of companies recognise the need to be truly customer obsessed and our new features make it even easier for companies to collect, analyse and act upon customer and staff feedback in real time. “

Since launching in Australia in July 2015, MaritzCX has rapidly established itself as the go-to CX management technology platform for many of the Asia Pacific region’s leading brands. Companies including Australia Post; Foxtel; JAX Tyres; Medibank; Qantas and Spark NZ are realising the value that its robust technology platform and deep, integrated research experience and services provides.

The platform enhancements support several key themes: driving better action in the field through front-line employees; easier management of complex enterprise datasets; improving program governance; and enabling increased program success through more measurable results.

New enterprise-grade CX management products available immediately include:

  • CXEvolution® MaritzCX’s groundbreaking study is now expanded and updated to include linkage to business results. Clients use CXEvolution as a CX maturity benchmark, best practice guide and prescriptive model for their next-best action to build and execute effective, ROI-based CX programs. With over 10,000 responses spanning 40 industries, CXEvolution is now the world’s largest study yielding the key drivers, prescriptive actions, and outcomes for designing highly effective CX programs.
  • EXMonitoring™ helps business leaders better understand employee experience (EX) to strengthen a more customer-centric business model and increase employee engagement. The solution offers event-driven employee touchpoint surveys, out-of-the-box dashboards, analytics, loyalty and employee reward metrics, and key employee benchmarking to better monitor and engage with employees to drive an exceptional customer experience.
  • Text Analytics Emotions: Measure the breath of customer emotions with MaritzCX integrated NLP text analytics. Emotions are a primary driver of future customer loyalty, and text analytics emotions data helps ensure the appropriate action can be taken based upon the customer’s emotions.
  • CXStandards® benchmarking data is now integrated within the MaritzCX platform. This expansive dataset helps CX practitioners compare their performance across 16 core industries, allowing leaders to more effectively interact with the dataset, focus improvement efforts to specific areas, and make better decisions based on prominent CX market data.
  • FieldCX™ a mobile optimised reporting and action toolset that has been designed for front-line, customer facing employees in large organisations. It offers enhanced flexibility for program administrators to help employees quickly get the insights they need, take corrective action, and be better informed, which improves the results of CX programs.
  • CXWorkflow™ is a new data management workflow solution that helps enterprise clients quickly and effectively address the most demanding data needs for validation, structuring, cleaning, enriching, and combining data for use in CX programs. CXWorkflow creates client-specific workflows to enhance multiple data sources and manage collection quotas & fatigue rules to ensure we can deliver actionable insights from each program.
  • CX Program Governance is a prevailing topic with enterprise CX leaders. MaritzCX’s new strategic services offerings include program design, implementation and integrated technology solutions to help companies achieve a structured approach to launching and managing customer-facing voice of customer (VOC) and internal voice of employee (VOE) programs to drive measurable results.
  • Expanded Salesforce Integrations: Understand your customers at the early stages of your sales cycle. Integration with the Salesforce Lead Object opens up new survey opportunities during the early stages of your relationship with a prospect and allows you to survey leads generated from your lead generation activity.

With strong growth around the globe driven through enhanced platform capabilities, MaritzCX reached a record 1.7 million platform users this year. These new releases further demonstrate our commitment to helping clients deliver high value programs, reinforcing our position as the global enterprise CX management leader.

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