Noggin IT expands OCA team

Soaring security concerns drive demand for incident management software

Noggin IT has appointed incident and emergency specialist Geoff Percival as Project Manager for OCA, the company’s next generation online incident management software.

Percival bring 20 years’ experience of emergency management in state and local government. Prior to his role with Noggin he was Information and Communications Manager for Emergency Management NSW where he was responsible for the Emergency Information Management System for the NSW State Emergency Operations Centre (SEOC) and the Sydney CBD Emergency Notification Service. He also developed standing operating procedures for the NSW SEOC.  

James Boddam-Whetham, Noggin’s Managing Director, believes that Percival’s government background will further cement OCA’s position as the preferred incident management software for government agencies in Australia and Asia Pacific.

“Geoff has worked on the NSW State Incident Management team during many major emergencies and understands the importance of rapid and reliable communications during high pressure situations.  His real-world experience will add further credibility to OCA and reinforce its vital role in managing emergency situations,” he said.

 “Concerns about security and terrorist threats are soaring worldwide. In the face of an emergency, communications must be fast, reliable and automated so that appropriate action can be taken and correct decisions can be made,” said Geoff Percival.

“Streamlined incident management and response times using a secure, granular system like OCA can mean the difference between life and death,” he added. 

OCA is currently being used by 14 tier one government agencies in Australia and overseas. OCA is the only incident management software to be accredited to EAL2+, placing it on the Defence Signals Directorate’s Evaluated products List (EPL);  the definitive list of certified IT products for use by Australian and New Zealand government agencies.


About Noggin (

Noggin IT, the development company behind OCA, is an Australian success story. Noggin has been developing and implementing premium business web-based applications since 2000. Noggin’s systems enable businesses to mitigate and minimise risk through the improved management of information, the automation of business processes, and more effective and efficient communication with stakeholders and customers.

About OCA (

OCA- Organise. Communicate. Act.  OCA is next generation online software that helps government agencies and corporates manage issues, incidents & events and related communications to any number of stakeholders.  OCA allows proactive planning and is customisable to an organisation’s business processes. It is also interoperable, allowing different organisations using OCA to share content with each other in a secure way.

The primary applications of the OCA technology are in the planning and management of incidents and issues, infrastructure and assets, including:

  • Emergency, counter-terrorism, transport and mass gatherings / events
  • Law enforcement / police
  • Health and bio-preparedness
  • Business continuity and workplace safety
  • Government and citizen communications
  • Infrastructure and operations management

OCA is currently being used by Australian Government agencies at Commonwealth and State levels.