Primus Telecom announces the first business connected on the National Broadband Network in Tasmania

Primus Telecom today announced the first business customer had been connected to the National Broadband Network (NBN) in Scottsdale, Tasmania, scoring another first for Primus for the NBN.

Primus Telecom CEO, Ravi Bhatia stated: “After announcing the first residential customer to be connected, we’re delighted to be announcing the first business customer to be connected to the NBN in Tasmania. This reinforces Primus’ position as a leader in innovation for leading edge telecommunications services.”

Stephen from Galloway’s Pharmacy in Scottsdale said: "I specifically chose Primus because they are focused on the business market.”  

Stephen continued: "I've taken a 100mbit speed offer, that's actually very close to the cost of my previous ADSL2+ connection." Stephen added: “The NBN will provide huge potential, for lots of new applications, especially in health which is of interest to me being a pharmacist."

Commenting on the installation process, Stephen said: “It was a very smooth process, I didn't have to call Technical Support as it worked straight out of the box and the settings I had to change to make it work as part of my network were very simple."

Bhatia also said: “Our vision for the NBN is far beyond simply providing fast internet access to homes and businesses. We will be providing useful content and applications that take full advantage of the speed and reliability that the NBN has to offer. We’re very pleased with the progress of the rollout and the speed at which customers are being connected. Customers, both business and residential, are excited about the prospects that the NBN brings and we’re excited to begin delivering state of the art business services to customers through the NBN.”

More information on Primus Business can be found at: and iPrimus’ Residential services at:

About Primus Telecom

Primus Telecom is one of Australia’s largest  telecommunications carriers offering a comprehensive range of high speed broadband, data, Internet, web hosting and voice products, servicing both business and residential sectors.  The Primus network provides nationwide coverage through its own backbone network with facilities in 66 cities and 286 DSLAM exchanges across Australia.  The network enables the Company to provide nationwide long distance services and local call Internet access.  Primus operates its own fibre network in the five major capital cities, delivering a range of business direct-connect services including ISDN, frame relay, ATM, telephone line and broadband DSL, as well as telephone line and broadband DSL services direct to residential customers.

Ravi Bhatia, CEO, Primus Telecom