Dimension Data launches eWaste Management Service

New program for removal, recycling and data destruction of electronic waste

Dimension Data has launched its eWaste Management Service, a program that offers environmentally-responsible removal, disposal and recycling of electronics materials ranging from the packaging materials for new products when they are delivered, to equipment at end-of-life. The eWaste Management Service also offers the physical or data destruction of electronic data storage equipment.

According to Merle Singer, Dimension Data’s Global Director for Sustainability, most Australian businesses are aware of the importance of managing electronic waste responsibly, but may hesitate due to a lack of education and awareness of best practices in electronic waste management. Additionally, many organisations are now adopting green procurement policies as part of their own environmental sustainability practices.

“By offering a range of tailored logistics, best practice e-recycling, packaging removal and secure data destruction services in a transparent, compliant service package, businesses can be assured that redundant hardware will be disposed of in a manner that is safe for the environment and the organisation,” said Ms Singer.

“Protecting an organisation’s data is a genuine concern and, now more than ever, it is important to have an effective strategy in place to ensure that when obsolete equipment leaves the building, valuable data does not,” she added.

eWaste Management Service is being offered as an option for Dimension Data maintenance contracts or as a service attached to hardware refresh projects. There are no minimum volume requirements, allowing companies of all sizes and types to take advantage of the service with costs calculated on a per-kilo or unit-count basis.

Dimension Data has removed and recycled more than 22 tonnes of its own electronic waste over the past 12 months while fine-tuning the service.

“We like to practice what we preach. Safely disposing of such a large quantity of our own ewaste proved that this is a feasible and logistically practical program even for very large volumes,” Ms Singer explained.

Dimension Data’s eWaste Management Service includes:

-          Recycling of equipment and parts: the provision of best practice recycling utilising manual disassembly and recovery of metals with an average recycling rate of 98%

-          Complete recycling service: a removal service all inclusive of handling equipment and consumables, packaging for transport, travel and labour delivered on-site

-          Packaging removal service: an all-inclusive service to remove and recycle packaging from new equipment delivered on-site

-          Destruction of intellectual property: includes the physical or data destruction of electronic data storage equipment via physical means, de-gaussing and/or data wipe.

The service also features detailed reporting of material recycled and includes guaranteed minimum service levels.

Dimension Data is currently preparing for ISO 14001 for its Sydney head office, the official certification for environmental management systems.


About Dimension Data

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