MIA’s Device Digital Develops Children’s Panadol iPhone App

First GlaxoSmithKline Digital App in Australia

The Device Digital division of Australian mobile internet solutions provider, MIA International has developed a special iPhone app for GlaxoSmithKline’s Children’s Panadol brand, which is aimed at new mums.  The new app helps mums with breast feeding, soothing their baby and also provides them with the correct dosage of Children’s Panadol products while they are out and about.

 The key feature of the Children’s Panadol iPhone app is the ‘Dosage Calculator’ enabling mums to check the correct Children’s Panadol product to use and the specific dosage recommended based on a baby’s weight and age. 

Featuring a selection of four soothing classical music tracks, the Children’s Panadol iPhone app ‘Baby Soother’ helps mums to calm their baby down while they are away from home.  While the ‘Breastfeeding Tracker’ is a clever little device that reminds mums which breast they used last time and also provides them with a feeding history, so they can record how often they are feeding their baby.

“New mums are often nervous about giving their babies medication when they are sick, so this incredibly useful iPhone app for the range of Children’s Panadol products provides them with accurate information about the correct product and dosage to give to their child,” said Clare Owens, Group Account Director at GlaxoSmithKline’s advertising agency, Ogilvy One.

The Children’s Panadol iPhone app was the brainchild of GlaxoSmithKline Australia’s advertising agency, Ogilvy & Mather, who appointed MIA to develop the app.  The objective of creating this app is to strengthen the Children’s Panadol brand amongst new mums.

“This is a health app that will be in great demand from new mums, enabling them to understand the right dosage of Children’s Panadol products as well as being able to soothe their child with music while they are out and about. I’m confident it will make mums trust in the Children’s Panadol brand,” said Richard Mergler, CEO of MIA International.


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