mia Provides Fun and Games for Vodafone

Leading mobile solutions provider mia has been selected by Vodafone Australia to provide a full digital retailing environment for the delivery to customers of music, games and video content.

mia will supply Vodafone with a completely outsourced solution, making 1.5 million music tracks available, together with games from all major publishers as well as proving direct customer support. The service is built on mia’s Sphere, an advanced digital platform that manages the hosting and delivery of content, together with advanced logic to deliver an optimised experience to each customer. Sphere also handles billing and reconciliation, with charges passed directly through Vodafone’s billing API, added directly to the customer’s phone bill. In-app billing will be supported to offer the latest way of purchasing content on Android devices.

Jon Mooney, Chief Operating Officer of mia says the offering provides a mass of the latest content for Vodafone customers. “We are excited to be delivering the latest digital retailing solution and will be working with more content providers to add further services via the mia sphere API.

“Our focus is on providing a quick, easy and reliable way of purchasing content,” says Mooney, “so the customer enjoys reliable ease of purchase and value for money, whilst maximising the returns for content owners. With our Sphere platform we give providers access to direct carrier billing, making transactions quicker and easier, without the need to login or use a credit card”.

Mooney says Sphere has been developed over many years, handling the intricacies of delivering multimedia content to a growing number of devices, across different connection types. “It’s this experience and the resilience of the Sphere platform that led to this agreement with Vodafone,” he says.


About mia

Founded in 2003, mia enables experiences on connected devices by enabling the delivery of content and applications to multiple devices, across any network, in any format. mia’s Sphere platform enables carriers, media companies and brands to work together, providing the best user experience and lowering the cost of delivery.  Today mia facilitates more than 1,700 live services.