Ad fraud and mobile complexity named as the greatest hurdles for Australia’s digital advertising industry

Industry urged to work collaboratively to resolve issues

The Australian digital advertising industry has significant work ahead of it if it wants to realise the true value of online advertising according to Randall Rothenberg, IAB’s President and CEO.   Commenting in advance of his visit to Australia to keynote IAB Australia’s inaugural Leadership Summit on 26th August, Rothenberg has named ad fraud and the ‘wild west’ of mobile as the main weaknesses of the global digital market.

Rothenberg’s presentation, “Maximizing the Promise of Digital Media” will see him answer six of the biggest questions confronting the digital advertising industry covering viewable impressions, programmatic advertising, ad fraud, mobile, native advertising and digital video.

 “Ad fraud is a concern for the entire industry and fixing it will involve an industry wide behavioural change.  Without trust between marketers, publishers, consumers, and the many parties in between, the growth of the Australian digital industry will be weakened,” said Rotherberg.

According to Rothenberg, transparency and openness in the form of a common approach through the entire advertising chain will be essential

“Even if you know that your own suppliers are reliable, you can’t tell whether your suppliers’ suppliers are secure. Publishers, agencies, marketers, and ad tech companies can resolve these issues by working collaboratively, but they won’t be able to do it by holding guns to each others’ heads,” he said.

Rothenberg will be joined by Richard Pattison, BBC Worldwide Global SVP of Content and Olivier Legrand, LinkedIn Senior Director, Marketing Solutions; and many other exceptional speakers.   Between them they will explore ad fraud, outline how marketers can tame the wild west of mobile; get the best returns on programmatic trading; and cut through marketing complexity.  IAB Australia will also be releasing the results of two new research reports around TV viewing habits and using consumer data technology.

More details about IAB’s Leadership Summit can be found here.


About the Interactive Advertising Bureau 

The Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) Limited is the peak trade association for online advertising in Australia and was incorporated in July 2010. As one of over 40 IAB offices globally, and with a rapidly growing membership, IAB Australia’s principal objective is to support and enable the media and marketing industry to ensure that they thrive in the digital economy.

IAB Australia’s board includes representatives of, Fairfax Media, Google, Mi9, Network, News Australia, REA Group, Telstra, TressCox Lawyers and Yahoo7. It has four objectives:

  • To be the ‘big tent’ for the entire digital advertising industry and define the future of digital advertising
  • To deliver the benefits of ad funded interactive experiences to Australians
  • To develop, coordinate and promote industry standards and guidelines that make interactive advertising a simpler and more attractive medium for agencies, advertisers and marketers
  • To prove and promote the effectiveness of interactive advertising to advertisers, agencies, marketers and the press

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