Data Exchange’s modular colocation system receives Uptime Institute Tier-Ready Certification

Innovative approach to engineering set to turn Data Centre colocation on its head

Perth, Australia: 24th September 2018: Data Exchange Network Limited (ASX: DXN) has received Tier Ready III Certification for its innovatively engineered data center modules.  The accreditation by The Uptime Institute confirms that Data Exchange Networks’ capital efficient modular data centers conform to the same stringent criteria and standards as the traditional big-box colocation data centers in Australia and throughout the world. 

Tier-IV Tier Ready certification is expected to be finalised in the coming weeks at which time Data Exchange Network will be only the second operator in Australia and the fifth in the world to have achieved this level of certification.

Data Exchange has a new and disruptive approach to building-out colocation space, deploying capacity using multiple 1MW blocks of infrastructure that can be configured in modules that meet the principles outlined in Uptime Institute’s Tier III and Tier IV specification under the one roof.  Clients are offered unprecedented flexibility with completely customisable power and cooling settings available on a module-by-module basis. This means they can choose the level of resilience they require and optimise operating costs by setting the environment within their modules to suit their hosted technology.

Peter Christie, CEO of Data Exchange said “We firmly believe that our modular solutions provide the optimal balance of capital efficiency, cost effectiveness and rapid delivery to meet the ever-increasing demands of colocation, cloud and edge computing and we will be deploying them in our own colocation data centers in Melbourne and Sydney.  

“With our Tier-Ready Tier-III certified design complete, we are now in talks with a number of prospective customers to construct, deliver and support their cloud infrastructure which we hope will add significant volume to our manufacturing order book and grow the recurring revenue stream from our Datacentre-as-a-Service product offering,” said Christie. 

Justin Kellerman, Data Exchange’s Chief Technical Architect commented:  “We have been working with the Uptime Institute throughout our engineering process to ensure we designed a solution that would achieve Tier-III and Tier-IV Certification when deployed anywhere in the world including in our own data centers. We are delighted to have reached the first milestone of Tier-III and look forward to completing our Tier-IV certification.  The Uptime Institute Tier-Ready design achievement has validated our design approach and gives our clients absolute assurance of the quality of the infrastructure we engineer, build and operate.”

About Uptime Institute

Uptime Institute is the author of the data centre industry’s de facto performance standard, the Tier Standard, and has been the industry benchmark for quality design, build and operation of Data centres for over 20 years. The organisation’s Tier certifications are the gold-standard in creating highly resilient and reliable infrastructure. 

Facilities which carry the Tier Certification logo represent an assurance that they have been designed to meet demanding performance metrics, with well-understood risk characteristics. In 2017, Uptime Institute introduced its Tier-Ready design review program for edge and modular data centre manufacturers enabling prefabricated data centre solutions to be designed specifically to meet the stringent requirements of the Tier Standard once deployed and subsequently certified by Uptime Institute as desired. Consumers of Tier-Ready solutions can work with Uptime Institute directly to quickly and easily certify their Tier-Ready deployments once installed on-site to receive the appropriate full Tier Certification Facility award.

For more information on Tier-Ready Certification visit Uptime Institute .

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About Data Exchange

Data Exchange (DXN) designs, builds, owns and operates data centres. Offering integrated, customised and tailored solutions to clients, DXN provides businesses with the option of delivering solutions to site through containerised modules, or space in DXN’s modular colocation facilities to suit technical specifications and operational requirements. From a single rack in the colocation facilities through to fully customised Edge Infrastructure, DXN can deliver a range of solutions to meet modern data centre requirement.

To find out more about Data Exchange’s Modular Colocation facilities visit