Brocade powers top three Internet Exchanges worldwide

Largest Internet Exchanges Trust their Traffic with Brocade’s High Performance, Scalable and Reliable IP Networking Solutions

Brocade® (NASDAQ: BRCD) today announced that it powers the world’s top three largest Internet Exchange Points (IXP) with its performance-driven and highly energy-efficient switches and routers. IXPs serve as Internet traffic carriers that interconnect Internet Service Providers (ISP) and subscribers. The three largest top-tier IXPs globally, Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX), Deutscher Commercial Internet Exchange (DE-CIX), and London Internet Exchange (LINX), all reply upon Brocade networking solutions due to its unique combination of performance, reliability, efficiency and scalability. Brocade IXP switching and routing solutions are one of the industry leaders in density, wire-speed performance at ultra-low latency, while consuming significantly less energy and dissipating less heat than comparable solutions.

IXPs are experiencing exponential traffic growth worldwide — largely due to video, Web-enabled mobile devices, advanced applications, reliance on online services, social multimedia and expanded online-based tools — and traffic patterns are hitting unprecedented levels. This accelerated growth of Internet traffic constantly places IXP networks under enormous strain. To constantly meet and exceed these needs, IXPs require exceptional port and bandwidth capacity to preserve and grow their customer base.

“As of today, we’ve experienced peak traffic in excess of 850 gigabits per second. Approximately two years ago, our network traffic reached about 450 gigabits per second so you can clearly see the growth in bandwidth demands is absolutely astonishing,” said Henk Steenman, chief technical officer for the Amsterdam Internet Exchange (AMS-IX), the world’s largest public Internet exchange point. “With this performance obstacle in place, Brocade was the only networking provider that could deliver us a networking infrastructure that could accommodate a combination of three key factors: performance, high scalability, and reliability. If any of these requirements fall short, it will have an immediate negative impact on our business and ultimately users from gaining access to the Internet.”

Leading the race in innovation to prepare IXPs and service providers for upcoming capacity needs and to help protect network infrastructure investments, NetIron MLX routers allow users to combined as many as 32-ports of 10 Gigabit Ethernet (10 GbE) to provide an aggregated link capacity of 320 Gbps. Brocade has applied advanced load-sharing algorithms in order to fully utilise the increased capacity, establishing a highly advanced link aggregation solution. These patent-pending load-sharing algorithms help optimise link utilisation in a Link Aggregate and reduce correlation between Equal Cost Multi-Path (ECMP) and Link Aggregation. Additionally, the NetIron MLX’s design eliminates “polarisation effects” in a network, thus enabling service providers the flexibility to optimally design large-scale networks.

The flexibility of the NetIron MLX routers helps service providers to maximise the return on investment of their existing routers. With 10 GbE port density of up to 128 ports of wire-speed connectivity in a single NetIron router, service providers can trunk existing 10 GbE ports without having to purchase additional router hardware or invest in costly optical infrastructure upgrades. This promotes cost-efficiency and the ability to scale more effectively. In addition, the Carrier Trunk (link aggregation) capabilities support scalable and flexible adjustment of trunk capacity or data throughput to meet operational needs.

"Brocade is committed to fully powering and scaling Internet Exchange growth," said Ken Cheng, vice president, IP Products, Brocade. "Brocade's capabilities and enhancements to its performance orientated switches and routers are at the forefront of flexible and scalable solutions to enable Internet Exchanges to meet stringent bandwidth, Service Level Agreement, scalability and efficiency requirements. Our networking solutions provide link aggregation capacity, stability and flexibility to set an industry standard for powerful and efficient scaling of Internet Exchange Point networks."

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