Latest Panasonic IP Telephone provides permanent link to IP camera

IPL Communications now distributing Panasonic KX-NT400 IP Telephone and KX-NT700 IP Conferencing Phone

IPL Communications today announced the availability of the most advanced IP telephone on the market, the Panasonic KX-NT400 IP Telephone, and the premium Panasonic IP Conferencing Phone, the KX-NT700.

Distributed exclusively by IPL, the Panasonic KX-NT400 features a large 5.7 inch touch screen and sleek interface and is ideal for businesses looking to simplify their phone systems and increase productivity.  The built-in Communications Assistant software manages eight screens simultaneously and users can access contact details, weather forecasts, text chat and a camera screen at the touch of a button.

The camera viewer remains permanently connected to a network camera from Panasonic’s KX-HCM or BL-C series and offers users a live view with options such as zoom, tilt and pan.  This clever technology means business owners can keep a watchful eye on shop fronts, entrances and foyers from their desks.

The KX-NT700 IP Conferencing Phone offers the premium alternative to face to face meetings.  As the business world has led to a decline in travel budgets and more conference calls, the KX-NT700 Multi-party Desktop IP Conference System supports Hi-Definition sound and web-based conference solutions to help make communications as simple as a face to face meeting.

Boasting features such as high definition voice quality, SD card recording and noise reduction technology, the KX-NT700 streamlines a call between two people or an entire boardroom with ease.

In a Panasonic exclusive, it comes with built-in real-time slow talk functionality.  This world-first technology allows you to easily understand a fast talker by slowing down spoken words while shortening the silent intervals between them.

Paul Scanlan, General Manager, IPL Communications, expects the Panasonic KX-NT400 IP and KX-NT700 will be warmly welcomed by B2B channel partners:

“Since partnering with Panasonic last year, IPL has increased distribution of Panasonic IP telephony products to a growing number of resellers.  The Panasonic NT400 and NT700 boast advanced features designed to help business owners maximise productivity.  World first technology such as real-time slow talk in the NT700 and the innovative permanent connection to an IP camera available with the NT400 will help resellers meet the increasingly sophisticated needs of their customers.”

Mark Deere-Jones, Director, Panasonic Business Systems, said: “Our partnership with IPL has proven to be an outstanding success since it commenced just a few months ago.  IPL is delivering excellent service to existing and new customers in the reseller network, and we look forward to building on this success with our latest market offering.”

Panasonic KX-NT400 IP Telephone KX-NT700 IP Conferencing Phone